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Synapse Science Center

For about 15 years SYNAPSE Science Center is at the market of seismological and geophysical software for data acquisition, transmission and processing systems. Its portfolio consists of dozens of products and R&D projects. Its application software and integration solutions work for universities, governmental agencies and private companies all over the world...



The SEISMIC NETWORK DATA ANALYSIS (SNDA) system is a problem oriented software designed for computers with UNIX Operating System. It is a multitasking program providing a real-time data collection and  processing, and  interactive analysis of geophysical data registered by a spatially-distributed network of sensors.


SYNAPSE Science Center represents The ARTeMIS Product Family (www.svibs.com) software in Russia and CIS market for structural monitoring and post-construction audit of high-rise and complex architectural buildings, bridges, towers and other installations.

Surfer is a package for interactive graphic analysis of functions of two variables. A function has to be given as an ASCII disc file having a matrix structure. The function can be displayed in the form of a three dimensional (surface) or a two dimensional (map) image.


DGS is automated digitizing system for seismological paper processing. Based on pattern-recognition algorythms it makes possible to digitize even old and dirty traces.


  • REF TEK Network Controller development and support for workstations and handheld platforms, and other software
    Refraction Technology, USA,  2002 – till now
  • Development of migration technology from Delphi to J2EE for Internet Information Systems
    Corvus International Technology, 2005 - till now 
  • Smart Wireless Sensor / Perimeter protection systems
    2002 - now
  • Software development for National Data Center in Dubna
    Ministry of Defense / Ministry for Atomic Energy (ROSATOM), 1991- till now
  • National Real-time Seismic Monitoring System
    Republic of Bulgaria, 2005 - 2006



SYNAPSE Science Center is participant of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre

SYNAPSE Science Center is participant of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre since 12/04/2012 year more ...


ЗАО "НИЦ "СИНАПС" участник инновационного центра СКОЛКОВО

с 12 апреля 2012 года ЗАО "НИЦ "СИНАПС" является участником инновационного центра СКОЛКОВО подробнее...


SNDP expands application fields

Infrasound and magnetic data processing


SNDP in RRL, India

SNDP was installed in Regional Research Laboratory, Jorhat, India


SNDP upgrade.

Software (SNDP) upgrade (new release) for Temelin network in Czech Republic.


Pilot version of NDC software.

A pilot version of NDC software was installed at the Geophysical Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


Software for Greece.

SNDP software delivered to Greece for Crete island earthquake monitoring.


SYNAPSE and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

In 2005, the Permanent Commission for Prevention of the Population from Natural Disasters and Catastrophes (now Ministry of State Policy for Disaster Management) supported the Geophysical Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for overall modernization of the seismological network.

History of the SYNAPSE Science Center

SYNAPSE Science Center was founded in 1990 by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and IRIS Consortium (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology, USA). SYNAPSE is a modern R&D and telecommunication center built around the network based on SUN Microsystems servers and workstations. From the very beginning SYNAPSE became an access node of the Russian Academic Computer Network RELARN - a project connecting leading Moscow research and communication centers to Internet via fiber-optic infrastructure (Moscow Backbone project). Opening IRIS MDC (Moscow Data Center) on SYNAPSE basis in 1991 was a great international event, special guests from the US Congress, US Universities and Russian Academy of Sciences attended (ссылка на картинку/и). MDC was an IRIS Data Management System node for 15 years, being at the same time a communication, research and software development institution. Since that time dozens of domestic and international software development and integration projects were accomplished.

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