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Measuring the coordinates

A user may graphically measure the coordinates of the arguments as well as a function in any point of surface. Measuring of coordinates is provided in Contour and Topo modes. (if the axes were supplied by their limit designations in control file). This provides the graphic analysis of the function surface near different local extremums of the function. The mode for measuring is set by the Measurer button.

To perform the measuring a user has to:

place the cursor into the image box and move it there (without any pressing on the mouse buttons). The cross lines are emerged and moved through the plot and corresponding values of coordinates are continiously displayed in the special window (fig.9.1).

Figure 9.1 Measuring the coordinates

  1. push the left mouse button to stop (or continue) the modification of measured coordinate values.
  2. save the coordinates measured (three real numbers: X, Y, Z in ASCII format) by - typing a name of the file in the special mode window string and clicking the Save into file. button in this window.
  3. if more precise measuring is desirable, a user can enlarge the window by means of zooming (see previous chapter) or standard resize tool.
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