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Setting the options

In order to set some additional parameters of the image a user has to click the Opt button. A special window with following structure will emerge:

Figure 4.1 Setting the options

Laser printer (COLOR or MONOCHROME)

Specifies type of printer to be used for printing out PostScript files.

Topo_image (COLOR or MONOCHROME)

Specifies whether the Topo-image on the screen is a color one or a monochrome.

Name of Control file

Specifies the name of control file for the "surfer" program.

Name of PostScript file

Specifies the name of PostScript file.

Color surface filling (Yes or No)

Specifies whether a color filling of the surface is applied or not.

Griding on surface

Defines the type of grid lines on the surface. It may be: "TRANSPARENT NET" of lines - All lines are drawn including invisible lines (fig. 4.2 left). "HIDE INVISIBLE LINES"- Just visible lines are drawn on the screen (fig. 4.2 right). "NONE" - The surface is not covered by the grid lines at all.

Figure 4.2 Transparent and olny visible griding

Filling of borders

Specifies whether the front vertical "walls" of the figure are painted (fig4.3 left) or not.

Griding of borders

Specifies whether the vertical grid lines on the borders are drawn (fig4.3 right) or not.

Figure 4.3 Filling and griding of borders

Show local extremums (None / Maximum / Minimum)

Specifies whether the local extremums (maximum or minimum) are plotted (as a little gray circles) or not on the contour and topo image (fig4.4).

Figure 4.4 Drawing the local extremums on the plain image

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