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Program Manipulation

Erasing the dirt spots

If a user found the dirt spots or other unnecessary lines on the seismogram, he may preliminary clean the image in order to save time performing a further manual editing the curve after digitization. For this purpose a user has to click "Eraser" button, after that a special window appears. The destination of its buttons is described above.

The user should select the most appropriate geometry form of eraser (shape of cursor) with the help of panel button "Eraser geometry". The geometry form can be square or circle.

The size of the cursor image (zone for erasing) also may be changed by a user with the mouse buttons:
Middle mouse button - decreasing of cursor zone size;
Right mouse button - increasing of cursor zone size.
One "erasing operation" is supposed to be continued from depressing the left mouse button to releasing one while visible cursor zone (square or circle) is being moved over the dirt spots. The simplest operation is a single picking on the same place. To provide the convenience of erasing one may change the geometry factor and the size of erasing cursor zone between erasing operations.

The last operation may be denied if the result of erasing is not good enough (for example a useful line has been occasionally removed). For this purpose a user should click the "Deny last" button.

After the several erasing operations are made, one must click the "Apply" button. A user may also deny the whole his cleaning job (by clicking the "Deny all" button) and get back to the initial image.
The erasing procedures may be repeated as many times as needed.

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