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SYNAPSE Science Center was founded in 1990 by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and IRIS Consortium (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology, USA). SYNAPSE is a modern R&D and telecommunication center built around the network based on SUN Microsystems servers and workstations. From the very beginning SYNAPSE became an access node of the Russian Academic Computer Network RELARN - a project connecting leading Moscow research and communication centers to Internet via fiber-optic infrastructure (Moscow Backbone project). Opening IRIS MDC (Moscow Data Center) on SYNAPSE basis in 1991 was a great international event, special guests from the US Congress, US Universities and Russian Academy of Sciences attended ( Iris Open Data Analysis Center in Moscow ). MDC was an IRIS Data Management System node for 15 years, being at the same time a communication, research and software development institution. Since that time dozens of domestic and international software development and integration projects were accomplished.

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