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Iris Open Data Analysis Center in Moscow

On August 2, 1991 IRIS opened a Data Analysis Center in Moscow under the US/ USSR Joint Seismic Program (see Newsletter Special Supplement). The Center will serve as the Soviet center to archive and analyze data from the US/USSR Joint Seismic Program, and will be connected to the IRIS Data Management System through a direct computer-to-computer link.

During the opening ceremonies in Moscow, Dr. Sarah Horrigan presented to Academician Evgenii Velikhov, Vice-President of the USSR Academy of Sciences, a letter from Congressman Ed Markey. The letter expressed Congressman Markey's satisfaction with the program and presented the following challenge:

"The US/USSR Joint Seismic Program has been of great interest to the US Congress because of the importance of the research both to earthquake hazards and to the monitoring of underground nuclear explosions....While this program has made contributions in both of these areas, we expect this program to become even more important in the future. As you know, the Non-Proliferation Treaty, to which both of our countries are signatories, will conclude in 1995. Many of us in Congress expect that, unless substantial progress has been made toward a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty by that time, nuclear testing will be a major topic of discussion at the United Nations during the renewal conference, as it has been at each of the five-year review conferences. It is our hope that during the United Nations discussions, we will be able to use the accomplishments of the US/USSR Joint Seismic Program as an example of what can be done when the scientific communities of different nations work together on problems of verification. I propose that we work together to complete by 1993 the installation of seismic stations within the USSR. I further propose that we continue to expand outside the boundaries of the US and USSR and install stations in areas of concern for nonproliferation, specifically the middle east and southern hemisphere."

The Moscow Center will be used by members of the USSR Academy of Sciences, and all other institutions involved in the US/USSR Joint Seismic Program, including the International Institute of Earthquake Prediction and the Institute of the Dynamics of the

Gregory van der Vink, JSP Coordinator

At the opening of the Moscow Data Analysis Center, Congressional staff member Dr. Sarah Horrigan (representing Congressman Ed Markey) confers with Evengii Velikhov, Vice-President of the USSR Academy of Sciences,   (photo - Caroline Phinney)

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