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Automated digitizing system for seismological paper records processing



"SPETSGEOFIZIKA" has several processing centers equipped with SUN ULTRA, SUN SPARK stations, Pentium II-IV. 


  • processing systems:
    • IXL (MIT);
    • SDS-PC (Russia),
  • AMOC technique - technology of 3-D seismics adapted to local surface conditions;
  • system of automated digitizing of seismogeological data recorded on paper (SYNAPSE, Science Center Software Product);
  • Field computer center SPW (PGC, USA) to carry out quality control;
    Software to computer statics (Green Mountain, USA);
  • Seismic processing system on the method of differential seismics MDS (Russia, Spetsgeofizika);
  • Integrated technology «COSCAD» (Russia);
  • Integrated interpretation system - PANGEYA (Russia);
  • Package Mesa - 3D -planning;
  • Special processing packages TsMRNP, ISIK, etc.;
  • Electrical data processing software SSMT2000;
  • Gravity and magnetic data processing software GRAVIPAK (Russia).

The software makes it possible to perform efficiently processing and interpretation of integrated geophysical data.

INGV and INTAS officers visit to SYNAPSE before the project started.

Synapse Science Center (SSC):  D.G.S. package DEMO

After an introduction of the SSC Director (Dr. M. Rozhkov), Dr. Leonid Haikin shows to all the Intas participants the main capabilities of their product DGS, the automated digitizing system for seismological paper records processing. A program overview (fast version, only text manual, version I-'95) is described here. The modular design of the product helps the user during all the procedure, moving between the various operating windows (Main,Etc, Eraser, Save-line, Rotate, Arc) and program manipulation environments, such as:

  • Digitization
  • Time binding and setting variable time scale
  • Rotation of the image
  • Transforming to rectangular coordinates
  • Erasing the dirt spots
  • Enhancing
  • Dispiking
  • Filtering
  • Measuring
  • Automatic cleaning the tracks of digitized traces
  • Tuning the selection parameters
  • Converting CSS 2.8 to SEG-Y format

Dr. A.F.Kushnir (Russian Academy of  Sciences) shows another important Synapse product: the SNDA library. Then a successfull recent application was presented: the detection and parameter estimation of an explosion hidden in the coda of a strong earthquake(*)

(*) Combined automated and off-line computer processing system for seismic monitoring with Small Aperture Arrays, in:  Seismological Research Letter, 69-3, V/VI'98

After a full-day of demonstrations at SSC Centre, in Moscow, and other several useful discussions, finally the NIS partners (both Mr Yurov and Mr Geyko) agree to go deeper with Synapse people into the possibility to purchase the DGS package for their needs. Then at new Spets. Lab. the first raw data acquisition and processing was done, using a demo-version of DGS. Of course, the new package has to be well learned; so, after the signature of their own contract with SSC, Spetsgeofizika will obtain a full assistance on the product, including a training Course. For the other final software to process the DGS output-data (SEG-Y format) all Participants agree to look for a freeware product (e.g. SAC-2000 by Lawrence Livermor National Laboratory LLNL). Furthermore, Mr Yurov will contact also other Russian Colleagues, who already are using the same DGS product in seismic processing: they are the SevMorGeo State Enterprise (Artic and Barents Sea Research Inst., St. Petersburg) and UIPE (United Institute of Physics of the Earth, Moscow).

Before digitizing the traces, the User must use the available tools for enhancing the lines, and make his best to make the single seismograms readable by the software. Working on very bad examples (as that on picture), after many hours of manual corrections, we concluded that in these cases the best solution is to go back to the original (paper) copies, and work on them (by pencil...). Neverthless, we should remember that we were at a very first software knowledge, and that other Customers did solve their jobs with similar data-quality.

But, fortunately, other tools can help us! So, to let the computers to rest a little, we turned towards a ....mental processig! What better than a chess-game?

GeoDet is another DGS client. Read more here.

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