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RTPD is a rapidly developing software designed for real-time data acquisition. According to REF TEK documentation, RTPD is a workstation program that provides error-corrected communications with REF TEK DAS (Data Acquisition System) units over a variety of media. This is accomplished using REF TEK Protocol (RTP), a UDP-based error-correcting protocol developed by REF TEK. This protocol is supported natively by REF TEK 130 DAS units. RTP provides a full duplex, packet-oriented, and reliable transport over the point-to-point protocol (PPP) via a serial port and Ethernet port running Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) over Internet protocol (IP), thus providing a conduit to the various types of IP networks:

RTPD receives PASSCAL data packets and stores them in a REF TEK data archive. RTPD allows client programs (data source modules) to receive the data and to issue commands to a DAS and receive the responses. Multiple clients can attach to RTPD simultaneously.

SYNAPSE takes part in the software support and development, incorporating non-REF TEK data into the bulks of data that can be archived and/or sent through the networks (including error-safe data transmission). We also partake in development of advanced extensive data acquisition networks with hierarchical structure. Data from other ("foreign", non REF TEK DAS) sources can access the network through the SeedLink protocol (www.gfz-potsdam.de/geofon/seiscomp/).

Another task performed by SYNAPSE is storing data flows from RTPD networks into standard SQL databases (DB), as well as converting data from RTPD to DB format and from DB to RTPD.

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