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Network Controller

In 2000 SYNAPSE established partnership relations with Refraction Technology, Inc. (http://reftek.com/partners.html). Under REF TEK initiative SYNAPSE opened a new product line for its SNDA software called SNDP - Seismic Network Data Processor. While SNDA was mainly targeted to global seismic observations based on small aperture arrays data within CTBT (www.ctbto.org), SNDP is targeted to local and regional seismic observations. A year later, in 2001 REF TEK  started RNC project, REF TEK Network Controller, with SYNAPSE as a principal software contractor. First RNC release for REF TEK DAS 72A appeared in 2001, and next year RNC2 for REF TEK 130 product line recorder was released. RNC is a multiplatform system based on J2EE technology and client-server architecture. JBOSS application server and embedded HyperSonic DBMS increase software performance and make it powerful tool for remote seismic network command, control, monitoring and journaling.

REF TEK's RNC2 - RTPD bundle was redesigned binding MATLAB for on-line data processing under request of ESRF - European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble, France (www.esrf.fr). Five 3-channel 130-01 REF TEK seismic recorders with seismometers, geophones and accelerometers were installed at ESRF facilities (PI - M. Lesourd) in order to estimate vibration and stability issues by monitoring seismic activity and providing data for interactive and near real-time processing.

Visio-Grenoble Data Flow (pdf 34,5 КБ)


Network Controller

ESRF seismic monitoring is one of the RNC success stories.

Vibration and stability issues at ESRF (pdf 3,07 МБ)

Ground Vibrations at the Site of ESRF and Comparison With Some Other Places ( pdf 1,10 МБ)

Two synchrotron views from outside made by REF TEK engineer
Mark working with RNC2 on Sun Ultra
Installing the equipment inside ...
... and outside
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