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SNDA – go with it to Regional Network Monitoring or Global CTBT Monitoring.

The SEISMIC NETWORK DATA ANALYSIS (SNDA) system is a problem oriented software designed for computers with UNIX Operating System. It is a multitasking program providing a real-time data collection and an interactive analysis of geophysical data registered by a spatially-distributed network of sensors. Includes 3D graphics and geographical mappers.

Lead authors

Leonid M. Haikin, Alexander F. Kushnir


Dr. G. Erokhin, V. Gorbunov, Dr. A. Gashin, Dr. V. Kutov, Dr. V. Lapshin, A. Ledenev, Dr. M. Rozhkov, Dr.  E. Troitsky, Dr.  I. Tchebotareva, and SYNAPSE engineering staff.

Software owerview

  1. Introduction
  2. General SNDA description
  3. Embedding your algorithms into SNDA
  4. Job control language
  5. Multichannel graphic subsystem
  6. Surfer and SNDA
  7. Geographic MAP package
  8. SNDA usage example

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