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Palm Field Controller

Another product developed and supported by SYNAPSE for REF TEK is PFC-130 - a handheld computer software for controlling DAS 130 via its serial interface. This is PalmOS based software working on PALM handhelds and other computers (Sony Clie, for example) supporting PalmOS.

Each REF TEK digitizer or REF TEK seismic network delivered to customer has PFC or/and RNC at its side, so this software is working in many countries on all continents.

PFC-130 provides two major functions: Control and Configuration of parameters for the 130 family of Recorders.

Palm Field Controller (PFC_130) software was developed for Command/Control  of 130 family Recorders in the field. PFC_130 is a Palm OS program for use on Personal Digital Assistant's (PDA's). PFC_130 runs on any PDA with Palm 3.5 or 4.1 OS. PFC_130 can used to edit and program the acquisition parameters of the 130 via the Serial connector. The user can communicate with and operate a 130 Recorder in the field to provide full control station during portable or permanent seismic stations deployment. Following is some of the information provided by PFC_130 to the user:

Control functions include DAS status (including acquisition, GPS, disk, etc.), telemetry configuration (NET), data monitor, sensor control, disk and RAM control, manual time set and reset of the DAS.

Ethernet communication via NET connector supports TCP/IP, UDP/IP, FTP and RTP protocols with standard network configuration.

Serial communication via NET connector supports PPP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, FTP and RTP protocols via Asynchronous RS-232 communication

Monitor function allows the user to view data to verify that all connections are setup properly before the experiment starts.

The user can format the Microdrive (or any CF II compatible device used for data storage) in the field before or during the experiment.

DAS parameters can be pre-programmed in the lab, loaded from the DAS or setup in the field at the user's choice.

Flexible menus allows the user to setup the 130 family of Recorders for many different applications/projects.


Palm field controller

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