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Seismic Calibration

A contract with CTBTO on IMS stations seismic calibration was fulfilled by SYNAPSE in 2001 -2002 (RIPT is a head contractor (Russian Institute for Pulse Technique, Ministry for Atomic Energy, presently ROSATOM).  The study was aimed at developing the system approach, methods and SSSCs themselves for regions of very complex structure, under different conditions of data availability: Central Eurasia and Eastern Asia including China, Russian Siberia and Far
East. We are going to use numerous sources of seismic data including records of Soviet and Chinese nuclear explosions (both PNE and Test Site Explosions for FSU case); data collected by Geophysical Survey (GS) of Russian Academy of Science (RAS), Complex Seismological Expedition (CSE) of RAS, Special Monitoring Service (SMS) of Russian Federation, Central, Yakutsk, Baikal, Altai-Sayany, and Siberia Experimental and Methodical Seismological Expeditions (CMSE, YMSE, BMSE, AMSE, SMSE), data from Annual Bulletin of Chinese Earthquake (ABCE) and data collected by International Seismological Center (ISC).

The project was successfully performed and the final report delivered to the customer. You can see the report contents and the title page here (in Russian). Please see other sources on seismic calibration in our Library and here.

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