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Domestic Clients

For the Russian clients the SYNAPSE Science Center is a major executor of the following works, in particular: 


The Russian Ministry of Defense, the ROSATOM and the Academy of Sciences: 

  • Creating of program-technical means of interconnecting of calculating and processing centers and observation stations of Seismic Service of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation.  
  • Development of a system project and program-technical means of integrated data transmission system of Seismic Service of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, including the development of hardware, 
  • Development of mathematic- and soft-ware of the United Computer Facility of the Materik System of Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, and its interaction with International Data Center in the Obninsk city, and a number of others.  


The Atomic Energetics Ministry of the Russian Federation (Rosenergoatom Concern): 

  • Data transmission system for the automated control system – GARANT. 


The Russian Federation Gosstandart (government agency responsible for standardization, metrology, and quality management): (the VNIIFTRI): 

  • Development of distributed data processing system, including production and installation at the client’s territory.  
  • Development of a number of registration and transport service authentication programs, and network transferred data encryption/decryption programs. 


The Russian Fundamental Research Foundation and the Russian Academy of Sciences.  

  • Development of a distributed system of Abyssal Seismic Probing experiments data processing and storing at the seas and oceans for computer networks on the basis of SUN Workstations.
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