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High Resolution Seismic Recorders

The 130 Broadband Seismic Recorder has been designed to be easier to use - more compact, lighter in weight, lower power, and requires less maintenance than other recorders. Not only is the hardware optimized for field deployments, software tools have been specially developed to support both field and base station operation.

The 130's case is a clamshell design, inherently waterproof, with easy access to all user features on the top of the unit. The 130 has 6 input/output connectors, an LCD display, and a removable lid on top of the case. There are two Channel input connectors on a 6-channel unit, a Terminal connector for setup and control, a Net connector combining Ethernet and Serial PPP for network access, a 12 VDC Power connector, and a GPS receiver connector. The LCD display allows the user to monitor the status of various sub systems within the 130 without having a terminal device attached.

The removable lid (located on the top of the unit) is for accessing the mass storage media, one or two Compact Flash II devices. For storing large amounts of data the Microdrive is offered, because it provides high capacity, high performance removable storage ranging up to 4GB on a one-inch hard disk drive. Two drives may be installed providing up to 8 GB of mass data storage. A Compact Flash Type I or II device can also be used for storing large amount of data in the field.

Setup, control and status monitoring is done either with a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) (Palm OS compatible) using our Palm Field Controller (PFC_130) software or from a PC/workstation using our REF TEK Network Controller (RNC2) GUI interface without having a terminal device attached.


high resolution seismic recorders


High Resolution Strong Motion Recorders

The Ref TeK 130-ANSS/02 Integrated Triaxial Accelerometer/Data Acquisition System is designed specifically to meet the USGS 2002 ANSS specification for Strong Motion reference stations for deployments in urban areas.

Advanced Communications features include TCP/IP over Ethernet and Asynchronous Serial. Setup and control is accomplished with either a Palm-OS device running PFC_130 or a desktop computer running RNC2. An LCD continuously displays state-of-health and status information.


high resolution strong motion recorders


The REF TEK 131A-02/1 Low Noise Accelerometer provides dynamic range useful with 24-bit digitizers like the REF TEK 130 series. These accelerometers use a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) for the variable capacitance displacement sensor. Because no coils or magnets are used, the accelerometer is inherently stable over temperature, with excellent stablilty, linearity, hysteresis, and noise levels. More than 15,000 of the MEMS elements are in use for oil and gas exploration.
The standard model shown here is +/-3.5g full scale with 200 ng2/Hz noise level. Lower cost models are available with 2.5g and 5g full scale.

The 131A-02/1 housing is anodized aluminum. Mounting is accomplished with two bolts on one of two axis, thus the sensor may be oriented in any direction. The case is sealed to meet IP67 standards for watertight integrity.



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