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Seismic Network Data Analysis software is powerful and flexible and extendable tool for seismologists. Features Problem Oriented Shell and library for multi channel data analysis, including statistically optimal algorythms. SNDA provides all data processing stages needed for preliminary regional seismic bulletin issue using single SASA data: detection of seismic events, identification and parameter estimation of seismic phases, location of event sources and identification of it types. SNDA can be used for small array data analysis as well as automated monitoring processing of local seismic network recordings. more...


Surfer is a package for interactive graphic analysis of functions of two variables. A function, given as an ASCII disc file can be displayed in the form of a three dimensional (surface) or a two dimensional (map) image
The two-dimensional image in turn may be of two types: in the form of isolines of the specific levels, drawn by the set of the colors and in the form of topographic map, where the gradual transformation of colors from a rather wide spectrum takes place.
In course of analysis a user may interactively apply the well known graphic tools such as rotation, color fitting, layer cutting, zooming, and measurung. All forms of image may be put out into the PostScript files and printed out onto the laser printer.
SURFER supports major UNIX platforms, including SunOS, Solaris and Linux. more...


DGS is automated digitizing system for seismological paper processing. Based on pattern-recognition algorythms it makes possible to digitize even old and dirty traces; features easy in use user interface and is extemely fast. Supports major UNIX platforms. more...


ASET is graphical tool for Seismic Array Emission Tomography analysis. more...

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