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Interactive graphic package SA-Map

The "SA-Map" is a package for graphic support of regional source location and identification procedures by interactive analysis of mutual disposition of network stations and seismic event sources. The two coordinate system may be used: the geographical and plane Gauss-Kruger ones. The package provides a user with the set of opportunities. In particular, one may interactively:

  • plot a map with positioning of the stations and event sources;
  • form file with the list of selected stations and events;
  • form interactively the most appropriate grid for source location by a searching computational algorithm;
  • zoom in a geographical area;
  • zoom out a selected local zone to detailize the configuration of the station and source groups;
  • measure interactively the coordinates of an arbitrary map point and a distance between two points;
  • create a file with epicentral distances for selected stations and sort the station seismograms in the Stack in accordance with these distances;
  • draw the geographic environment at the map: coast lines, rivers and state borders.


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