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SA-Surfer - Interactive graphic package

The SA-Surfer; is a graphic package for 2 and 3-dimensional imaging (fig.1.8). The two dimensional image may be presented in two forms: by isolines (contour form) or as 'topographic map' with gradual transformation of colors (topo form);

The SA-Surfer provides a user with the set of opportunities. In particular, one may interactively:

  • perform a 3D image rotation using the mouse button;
  • cut and zoom a desired horizontal layer of the volume;
  • zoom interactively any rectangular region of a 2D image;
  • measure argument and function values of any point at a 2D image;
  • how positions of local extremums of a function being displayed as 2D image;
  • create, view and printout the PostScrpt file of a color or monochrome 2D and 3D
  • adjust interactively parameters of the images: names of the control, data and PostScript files, applying of color filling and/or gridding of the surface, etc;
  • fit a color palette of the objects on the screen in accordance with a user taste;
  • combine the PostScript file upon the several different images in order to prepare the illustration for papers and scientific reports (fig.1.11);


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