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Installation of own software

A distinctive feature of the SNDA is it's special facilities which simplifies installations of new SA-procedures into the System. The SNDA is supplied with a program which provides an automatic compilation and assembling of the System based on a special table stored in a "menusa" file:

This table contains the list of problem domains (fields of sesmic analysis), SA-procedures forming the domains, names of corresponding programs and input files. The table is composed by a user with an ordinary text editor. The procedure source codes must be written either in FORTRAN or C languages; it's control parameters should be read from corresponding input files. To receive input data from the Stack and to save the output traces into the Stack, the SA-procedure should be provided with the special subroutines replacing standard I/O statements. To install the new SA-procedure into the SNDA, a user has to include the names of the new program and its input file to the "menusa" table, place the procedure code and input file into special directories of the SNDA file tree and execute the System command "mksnda".

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