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Caspian project

Welcome to the Caspian project page!

This is an old experiment and at first we were not sure about whether we should place it in the same section with the most recent projects or not. But on the other hand it is still a very important project performed by the SYNAPSE Science Center, which might be quite significant nowadays as well! So now you have an opportunity to find out more about the Caspian project following the links below and reading the provided information.

  • Recent Seismological Research of the Caspian Basin (read the article).
  • Deep Seismic Sounding database: 1956 Caspian Sea DSS experiment (read the article).
  • Modeling Anomalous Surface-Wave Propagation across the Southern Caspian Basin (download the pdf file).
  • Calibration of Scales and Transportability of Discriminants to New Tectonic Regions (download the pdf file).
  • Seismic events recorded by CSN and not recorded by other networks (download the pdf file).
  • Seismic monitoring at the Caspian Basin and surrounding regions: regional and teleseismic azimuthal anomalies (download the pdf file).
  • Recent seismological projects and seismic investigations of the crust and upper mantle structure of the Caspian basin (download the pdf file).
  • DSS waveforms digitized by DGS. Display by SAC (download the pdf file).
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