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Notes on PITSA 4.5 with PITSAclient library

PITSAclient library

PITSAclient library is a convenient interface for external programs written in C or FORTRAN which gives ability to operate with virtual stack of traces in PITSA. Stack trace commands include deleting , creating, obtaining data, hide/show (the trace becomes invisible in the stack) ,turn on/off time window (only a part of trace becomes available), plotting, etc. Stack commands are also embedded in TCL/TK language which is used as scripting tool. PITSAclient library thus allows creation of external modules to PITSA without recompilation of PITSA itself. Current version of PITSA has a menu item "Execute a script" which allows execution of TCL/TK script with PITSAclient commands. See "Demo Script" below

TCL/TK with embedded PITSAclient commands

TCL/TK is a simple though powerful scripting language with easy interface for embedding your own commands in it. PITSAclient + controls were realized also as TCL/TK commands. Current version was tested with TCL/TK 8.0 but should work with earlier versions, however, we recommend that you'll have version 8.0 or higher installed. Visit sunscript.sun.com for more information.

Notes on current PITSA 4.5 version

This version has embedded support for PITSAclient library, but lacks VISTA support because of license agreements. New mode "Execute Script" is added into main menu; that is , execution of TCL/TK script. New file formats for "Load SSA file" (loads NORSAR SSA data). SEED2PITSA now available, powered by native Motif interface and PITSAclient library. Many bugs were fixed and porting to other platforms (SunOS/SPARC, SOLARIS/(SPARC,ix86), Linux/ix86) done.

Demo Script

Demo script is an example TCL/TK PITSA script and demonstrates detection and parameter estimation of nuclear explosion masked by a strong earthquake coda. It demonstrates different methods of F-K analysis, adaptive filtering, etc. See comments to a script for more information. This version of script uses SURFER package to display 3D data (contour maps, topology, and surface views). It is commercial software developed by SYNAPSE Science Center and comes with 90-days limited license. In directory pitsa4.5/PS there are PostScript images demonstrating some of its features. Programs can also generate code for free data visualization programs like contour. To run demo script, choose "Execute Script" from PITSA main menu.

Installing and Running PITSA

gunzip -c pitsa4.5-sun-sparc.tgz | tar xvf -

cd pitsa4.5



Algorythms were implemented in FORTRAN by Alexander Kushnir (lap@synapse.ru) and were first used in SNDA software package.

Denis Mishin (mishin@synapse.ru) did all other programming regarding embedding them with PITSA. He is also a contact person if any technical problems will occur.


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