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Reading and saving data

One of the main problem with new software packages is compatability with existing tools. JPITSA provide method for generic data object serialization and support for various popular seismological formats, including:

  • CSS 3.0 (read only)
  • SAC (not implemented yet)
  • NORESS SSA (read only)
  • NXSCAN (read only)
  • Internal packed (read-write)

Loading and saving traces (seismograms)

As described in TraceView document, TraceView contains internally a list to which you can modify (for more info, see programmer's reference). When you select to load a data into the View, you add the data to the trace list.

[PENDING: more descriptive text]


For CSS a limited number of relations is supported.

Request a format

You are using another format not listed here? Send us it's name and description and it will be included in future releases. Send a message to jpitsa@synapse.ru

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