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 Workspace (Main frame) consists of

  1. Workspace desktop frames. You can see the trace view frame, a tools frame, and 3d density plot frame. They behave just like internal frames in almost all windowing operating environments.
  2. Frame icon bar. As the number of internal frames can be relatively large, they are placed to workspace icon trays, depending to what frame class they belong to. One can restore them on the workspace desktop area by double-clicking on frame title in corresponding tray. A special Tasks tray is intended to show background tasks (that is, a long-running processes, such as, in example loading a large data set or creating large grid contour map).
  3. Menu bar and Toolbar. The Menu Bar is mostly static, but tool bar has dynamic content, depending on what frame is active on desktop. The active frame is marked by highlighted title. On a picture, a Sonogram frame is selected, thus toolbar shows actions available for this kind of plot. Refer to description of particular visual components for more information about their toolbars.
  4. Service area (output, data info, help, etc). A special tabbed area currently contains only Output tab, which shows output from various tools, errors, etc. and Data tab, which provides a list of many data loaded to current data frame.
  5. Script command line

Output service tab

Output tab redirects standart output, standart error and several other internal streams to one handy text window. Each stream is highlighted with it's own color. Use Workspace - Clear output menu item to clear output window.

Data service tab

Data service tab displays a verbose info list of currently loaded data, corresponding to active Trace View component. Each row represents a trace. Each cell - a trace property. Some of the cells are editable - that is, you can double-click on them and change the value.
On that snapshot one of Phases cell is selected. But if immediate value change is not possible, you'll get extended info, just as in this example. You should then use another tool to modify this (Phase editor).


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